Middle School

2021-2022 Administration and Faculty


Administrative Staff


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Ivan Beach


Christie West

Assistant Principal

Kim Timmins

Assistant Principal

Phillip Campbell

Assistant Principal

Cynthia Black

Assistant Administrator

Brandon Poiroux

Assistant Administrator

Brandi Sims

Guidance Counselor




6th Grade


Destree McNeil - Language Arts

Stuart Brannon - Math

Kristi Hingson - Reading

Kelly Kirvin - Science

Joshua Davis - History

7th Grade


Christina Snyder - Language Arts

Somer Davis - Math

Paige Johnston - Science

Peggy Wiggins - Civics

8th Grade


Amy Griffith - Language Arts

Kelly Thomas- Science

Debra Campbell - Math

Amanda Willis - History



Bridget Granville - Intensive Reading

Matthew Granville - Intensive Math

Misty Moody - Intensive Math

Special Area


Dana Manis- ESE Coordinator

Angela Lawson

Misty Moody - Math

Allison Payne

John Raybourne - ESE

Ashley Davis- Speech Language

Kyleigh Harris- Speech Language

Kelly Halley - Art

Katelyn Jarvis - Chorus/Band

Veronica McKee - PE

Bobby Dobbs - PE

Diane Wilson - PE

Rebecca Peltonen - Agriculture

Giovanni Pereira - Band Director

Leigh Hawkins- Media Specialist

Melissa Clark- Technology

Josh Wright - Technology

Lauren Woods - Focus Lab

Georganne Talbot


Resource Links


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