Transition Planning for Military Families:

At Deane Bozeman School, we understand that our military families face many challenges while adjusting to their new community. We have a full-time Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC) on campus. With parental permission, the MFLC regularly meets with individuals and small groups of students to provide support for the emotional difficulties of military life. In addition, our MFLC has resources readily available for parents, guardians, and other family members who may need assistance. DBS also has recruiters from the Army and the Marines who regularly visit high school lunches. With permission, students can chat with them about any questions they have about military life.

Military Points of Contact are Leah Marchbanks and Michele Thompson at (850) 767-1300.

Academic Planning for Military Families:

We offer comprehensive academic planning tailored specifically for military families, including transfer support to ensure a seamless transition between schools and evaluation of credits for appropriate placement. Our commitment extends to providing exceptional student education, guaranteeing access to necessary support and services for students with special needs. Counseling services, including academic and emotional support, are readily available through our school counselors and triad team, with personalized meetings held for each new inductee into our Bozeman Collegiate Prep Program (BCPrep) and Bozeman Collegiate Academy (BCA) during the summer.

Additionally, we provide extensive college and career guidance, assisting high school students with everything from standardized testing to scholarship opportunities. Moreover, our Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC) is a dedicated liaison for military families, addressing concerns and providing information about available resources for students and parents.

Resources for Military Families:

DBS is proud to be the only Bay District School offering classes for students in PreK-12th. We are truly a family-oriented school. Bozeman Collegiate Academy (BCA) and BCPrep are our advanced placement programs for middle and high school students. These programs provide unique learning opportunities and enrichment activities/experiences to help prepare students for their future. Our Career & Technical Education (CTE) Program is responsible for developing and maintaining educational programs that prepare individuals for occupations important to Florida’s economic and agricultural development. Our CTE program results in many industry certifications awarded to our students, including Digital Design and programs associated with Agricultural Food and National Resources, such as Agri-Biotech, Agri-Tech, Landscape Operation, and Veterinary Assisting. We are continually expanding our offerings and certifications. Bozeman has a very active Army JROTC program. This program educates and trains high school cadets in citizenship, promotes community service, and instills personal responsibility, character, and self-discipline. Our JROTC program offers cadets several opportunities to earn scholarships to continue their education after high school. Our cadets also participate in many community service projects and visit military bases in the area. In addition, our JROTC drill team participates in competitions and has received many awards.

Student-Led Transition Team (S2S Club):

New military students to Deane Bozeman School are welcomed by our Student Welcome Team. This team consists of students who have shown leadership in academics, character, and participation in extracurricular activities. This team gives school tours, introduces students to key members of the staff (Principals, Media Specialists, Guidance Counselors, etc), connects new students to the MFLC, and answers new students' questions about their school experience.

Support for Military ESE Children:

DBS offers year-round one-on-one academic counseling for students and families so students can familiarize themselves with the school environment. In these meetings, the ESE Coordinator and/or School Counselor give school tours, discuss accommodations and supports provided to students with disabilities, and answer any questions parents may have about their child's educational experience. DBS offers an array of services and courses to meet the needs of ESE students.


Military Recognition Events:

We have a range of military recognition events planned to honor and celebrate the contributions of our military community. These include our Veterans Day Recognition/Military Appreciation Ceremony, held during a home football game, where we acknowledge veterans from our school and local community. Purple Up Day encourages students and staff to wear purple in solidarity with military families. Additionally, we recognize outstanding students through the Military Students of the Year program, where selected students receive awards and ITV recognition from our Principal and School Board Members.

Our annual Military Enlistment/Training Recognition ceremony celebrates students entering the Armed Forces or accepted into Officer Training Academies. Furthermore, we participate in the Annual Military Graduation Recognition Ceremony, honoring graduating seniors with retired or active-duty parents for their contributions to both our school and the wider community.

Mental Health Resources For Military Families:

Military children can access mental health services on our campus through multiple avenues. Firstly, the DBS Guidance Department offers trained school counselors who can provide initial support and guidance. Parent-teacher conferences serve as crucial platforms where teachers can assist parents and families with students' mental health concerns, offering insights into academic and social behaviors that may impact mental well-being. Additionally, through the Triad program, the DBS Student Wellness Department has mental health professionals available to assist students in crisis, providing on-campus counseling services and facilitating connections to external resources. Furthermore, DBS provides a full-time Military Family and Life Counselor (MFLC) dedicated to supporting all military students and families with their mental health needs.

OCSD Resources

BDS Resources for Military Families

The Bay District Schools website has a detailed list of Military Family Resources and Educational Opportunities to best assist your family. It contains a PCS document, services, programs, educational resources, and so much more to aid in the success of your educational goals.

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